Triton, the mobile car wash

juin 03, 2017

“I did not want to witness the rise of Africa; I wanted to be part of it. Twelve years after living on the East Coast of the US (New York & Boston) I moved to Benin in February 2016”, Jean Philippe Houssou Founder Triton.

SunCity Energy develops Mobile Solar Pumps for small farmers

juin 03, 2017
Ahmed Abbas, the founding person of SunCity Energy used to work as environmental consultant and studies master of sustainable development. He was inspired by the potential of solar energy in serving our current and future needs. Developing solar energy solution for the base of the pyramid is his passion.

Emotec: Automatic Hand Washer

juin 03, 2017
Emotec Limited is a company registered in the United Republic of Tanzania. The founder, Moses Hella is a telecom engineer with 15 years experience in the industry. Emotec focus in providing innovative ICT solutions to daily life challenges of the society. The idea of the automatic hand washer came after learning that many people get contamination after washing hands through the water taps. We designed a solar powered low cost automatic washer that uses sensor to open and close water and soap.

WaraCake : Nigeria’s largest online cake store

juin 03, 2017
Olatunde Ayilara is the founder of WaraCake. He came up with the idea while in university. WaraCake is an off-shoot of a campus-based business which focused on manufacturing & delivering cakes to students during valentine. After piloting the idea in the Univeristy, we launched it commercially in Lagos Nigeria late 2014 and we have been bootstrapping since then. We had some investor’s interest several times but we are yet to hit the big break, so we are focused on selling and selling at the moment.

Surprise Tropicale serves as a bridge between local farmers and consumers by offering an online market of fruits and vegetables

juin 03, 2017

Benedicte Mundele Kuvuna is the founder of Surprise Tropicale; She is twenty fours years old. She studied social communication and food innovation program. She is passionate on building and developping projects since her young age that make her to be member of many national and international organisations and assiciations such as Global Shaper Community, Kuvuna Foundation, etc. Now she is managing her project on full time Surprise Tropicale, She is passionate about this project because it is a project who has started by an real observation seing around us many peoples suffering food poverty but we are one of the largest country with food biodiversity and fertile land;

Smartsell Technologies : Point of Sale management software tailored for the needs of retailers

juin 03, 2017

SmartSell Technology is a Point of Sale solution focus on solving problems faced by retailers in West Africa. Some of the main issues retailers face are lack of change for refund at cashiers and security issues tied to only-cash payments. The company integrate Mobile services from carriers at cash registers to allow swift change refund and easy payments for goods.

Green agro solution: One Stop Farming Solution Center

juin 03, 2017
Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came:

The majority of Ethiopian small holder farmers interact with multiple agro service providers for different goods and services. This often leads to time consuming and costly variations in quality, price fluctuations, long delivery times, broken promises and commitments, and unethical dealings and business practices. Green Agro Solution PLC, established in 2013 with the vision of providing inclusive service to small holder farmers, is currently promoting a One Stop Farming Solution center where small holder farmers can access mechanization services, farm inputs, farm credit service, and financial literacy in one center. This center is the first of its kind in the country.

Your products and services: 
Since 2013, with a team of 16 passionate young people, GAS served more than 14,855 small holder farmers and helped them to harvest a better yield through providing efficient farming service.

Your success factors
We love what we do and all the team members are passionate about innovative agriculture – that’s where our success factor. 

Your business model (how do you make money?);
We charge a fair fee when service and inputs are offered to small holder farmers and commercial farmers. Collaborating with MFI’s young and women farmers pay 40% upfront when they use mechanization service and farm inputs. Then the remaining 60% will be paid up on harvesting which resulted more youth and women to engage in agriculture. This innovative approach helped us to build good relationship with our customers and also secure a harvesting market.

Partnering with Arsi University (a local public university), we are creating awareness on financial literacy to improve small holder farmers’ awareness on post harvesting loss, market and basic bookkeeping concepts so that they can make better decision.

A few words about your competitors;
Our competitors are individuals and farmer unions who own mechanization service but they don’t provide such an inclusive service like we do. The one stop farming solution center is making farming easy for small holder farmers and also increased their productivity across time. We look forward to replicate the center in other parts of the country and become a reliable partner for small holder farmers.

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